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Scholarship Details

The award shall provide financial assistance to a high school senior student who desires a business degree.  The student must currently attend Central Dauphin High School, Dauphin County Technical School, Bishop McDevitt High School, Harrisburg Christian School or Central Dauphin East High School.  The source of funds for this scholarship is from the Rotary Club of Colonial Park Foundation.  The Foundation will receive this donation annually and will then be responsible for distribution and follow-up to a qualified candidate.  The student must show proof of acceptance into a degree program before the scholarship will be issued.

The amount of the award for an academic year for tuition can be up to $5,000.  There can be one award offered, the total amount shall be no more than the amount received annually by the Foundation from the donor.  

The Foundation shall consider students meeting the following criteria:  Students must have unmet financial need.  Students must be enrolled full time in college to be eligible.  The student must show proof to the Foundation that he or she has been accepted to an accredited post-secondary educational institution with a minimum of six (6) credits for each semester for an education degree before the scholarship shall be awarded.  The student must maintain a 3.0 GPA overall while attending college.  The student may be a recipient of another scholarship.  The award may not be given for an additional academic year. 

The scholarship recipient must send a transcript of their semester grades to the Foundation to show a 3.0 GPA or better to continue to receive award funds for the next semester. The recipient shall submit the invoice from the college to the Foundation for direct payment to the college they are attending. Funds will be issued on a semester basis for an amount up to twenty-five hundred ($2,500) for tuition and fees, (or less if the semester costs are less) at the beginning of each semester to the college in the student’s name. The total award for tuition and fees will not exceed twenty-five hundred ($2,500) per semester. At the completion of the first semester the student may apply for another award up to twenty-five hundred ($2,500) for the next semester if all requirements are met. The total award may not be more than five thousand ($5,000) for one year. Any cost to the individual student over the scholarship award will be the responsibility of the student.  

The Foundation will review all applications prior to the beginning of each school year and prior to the start of the following semester. Timelines will be given to the student receiving the award with dates that applications are due for the next semester.

***If there is no activity in this scholarship award for one (1) year from date student is notified they have been awarded the scholarship, the scholarship will terminate, and no funds will be released from that date forward. ***

The applications submitted will be reviewed and decision of award will be based on financial need, community service, school service and academic achievement with a minimum GPA of 3.0

The winning student of this scholarship shall be notified no later than twenty-five (25) days from the date applications were due.